Guidelines for company orders in an online store

1. When you have placed products in the basket, choose to go to "basket".
2. There is a field " Information for store / Text in card" where you must enter information that is requested to appear on the invoice (eg cost center). There is no need to enter the company's name and ID number here, it comes later in the process. Also, if you wish to include a card with the shipment, write the text in it here. Then select the time of delivery and click on "Finish purchase".
3. You will then be in the "Information" tab. The orderer's e-mail address (work e-mail address), the chosen delivery method and the recipient's information must be entered there. There is no need to enter a social security number here, but be sure to write a valid postal code because it determines the shipping costs and the recipient's phone number. If you have a discount code, it's a good idea to enter it here as well. Then click on "Continue to shipping method".
4. In the ''Shipping Method'' tab, the shipping method and cost should be automatically determined based on the zip code in the previous step. If options appear, select the one that applies. Then click on "Continue to payment method"
5. In the "Payment" tab, select the payment method. If you want to transfer to an account, select "Transfer to bank account". Under "Payer" information about the payer should be entered. The name of the person making the order must be entered in the first and last name. In the social security number, the social security number of the company/company must be entered. Do not write the name of the company, it will appear automatically on the invoice based on the social security number. Then click on "Finish order".
6. If you chose to pay by credit card, you will be transferred to the payment page to complete the payment. If you chose to transfer / receive an invoice, we will send an invoice if the transfer has not been received within an hour.