Payment information

There are four options for payments in the online store:

1. Payment by debit or credit card. We accept payment cards from VISA and Mastercard. To use this option, select "SaltPay".

2. Transfer to a bank account. If bank transfer is selected, please pay according to the following information and send confirmation / notification of payment to the email address

Social security number: 630216-1090

Bank: 0133-26-011492

For payments from foreign bank accounts:


IBAN: IS58 0133 2601 1492 6302 1610 90

3. Payment with Aur.

4. Payment by Paypal. PayPal does not accept Icelandic krónur, so it is only available in foreign currencies. If PayPal is selected, we will send a payment request in US dollars to the email address behind the order.

Value added tax. no. 123757